WebCorky is a web adaptadion of a desktop tool present insIMfLOR(Faias, 2012) to project cork caliber samples of a Quercus suber L. stand. The application uses equations developed by Almeida et al. (2010).

WebCorky has a simple sample and multisample projection interface. The latter alows the classification of the samples evolution in time, in order to support a decision on when is the best time to debark the stand.

The classification uses the standard industry nomenclature for cork caliber:

Class Name Nr Lines (1 line=2.256mm) milimeters
Refugo <6 <13.54
Delgadinha >=6 and <10 >=13.54 and <22.56
Delgada >=10 and <12 >=22.56 and <27.07
Meia Marca >=12 and <14 >=27.07 and <31.58
Marca >=14 and <18 >=31.58 and <40.61
Grossa <=18 and <24 >=40.61 and <54.14
Triangulo >=24 >=54.14



Almeida AM, Tomé J, Tomé M, 2010, Development of a system to predict the evolution of individual tree mature cork caliber over time, Forest Ecology and Management, 260 (8), 1303-1314

Faias S., Palma J., Barreiro S., Paulo J., Tomé M., 2012. Resource communication. sIMfLOR – platform for portuguese forest simulators. Forest Systems, 21(3), 543-548



Free to use with no guaranty or responsability on model results. Model outputs should be interpreted carefully and under expert advise


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João HN Palma, Joana A Paulo, Margarida Tomé